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   Immigation and Income Tax Service

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- Family Petition
- Citizenships
- Work Permit
- Unity Family
- Fiancé (e) Petition
- Affidavits  
Every Foreign person faces challenges and opportunities when moving to the United States. As you seek for solutions to your immigration status, you want a firm that will listen to your concerns and offer creative solutions intended to meet your individual requirements. At S & C Service, we derive our immigration solutions to our clients needs, serving throughout the United States.

                     Income Taxes       

We offer our clients personalized tax services with the highest quality and integrity. We reach for distinct, superior standards of quality with every service we provide; serving nationwide through out all 50 states the entire year. 


- Federal & State filing
- Previous Years filing  
- Itin Numbers process
- Tax Amend
- Payment Arrangement
- Income Tax examination  



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Our office is a cozy, convenient location for couples that desire a small more intimate ceremony, perfect for just the two of you or with your dearest of family and friends. But for couples convenience we also travel to your home or venue of choice. Offering couples a chance to have long lasting memories, open to all faiths and spiritual civil ceremonies. A Low cost, No Stress alternative to the unfriendly County offices with long lines, hassles, and non personalized ceremonies

Notary Public



Travel Authorization

Business Licenses

Fictitious Names



We provide Affordable Legal Services for the following issues:


·         Immigration

·         Citizenships

·         Divorce

·         Marriages

·         Wills

·         Pre-Nuptials


·         Income Taxes

·         Translations

·         Apostille

·         Notary

·         Child Support

·         Credit Reports


·         Licenses


·         Fictitious Names

·         Travel Authorization

·         Passport Application

·         Other Legal Issues